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My Goal

As a Personal Stylist my aim is to provide a realistic service for men and women leaving each client feeling confident and with knowledge on how to shop more successfully in the future.  I truly believe that if you feel good in what you are wearing then you will feel more confident all round.  

My Background

I graduated from London College of Style with a merit diploma in Personal Styling in June 2018. 

Prior to this, I was a stylist at Director level for 4 years for global accessories brand Stella and Dot.

I am also a Make Up Artist graduating from Jenson's Beauty School in April 2018.

My Services

Colour Analysis


Wearing the right shade  can make you look healthier, feel more confident and even change your whole attitude towards yourself.   

We’ll spend time working through the seasonal method of Colour Analysis using colour drapes where I will explain how colour analysis works running through each of the 4 colour seasons.  I will also provide tips on how to use the colours most suited to you and how to add more colour to your wardrobe.

I will provide a summary for you to refer back to as your colours will never change.  

Prices - £30 or £50 including colour fan.

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Wardrobe Edits


A wardrobe edit is a great way to get out of a style rut.  I  will create new outfit options for you.

What does a wardrobe edit mean?

We begin by discussing your needs and finding out more about your lifestyle. We will discuss what body shape you are and what styles suit your shape. I will then determine what colours suits your skin tone best via colour analysis.

We will look through your wardrobe to identify what clothing you are drawn to, what styles and shapes appeal to you and what type of clothes you are currently buying.

From there - 

  • Together we can decide on the clothing that may not be working for you.
  • Discuss why some clothes may still have tags on or have only been worn once.
  • Together we create outfits from your current wardrobe that you may never have imagined.
  • Using accessories I can show you how to update an outfit.
  • We will chat about the importance of having the correct underwear to help enhance your body shape.
  • We can develop an easy to use capsule wardrobe, meaning getting ready is a pleasure not a chore.
  • I will take pictures of different outfits we have put together for you to refer back to.
  • Throughout the wardrobe edit we will create a shopping list to work for you.
  • I will advise  on current trends that can work for you.

£130 - 3 hour session

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Personal Styling


Do you ever find yourself walking into a shop full of clothes and feeling a bit overwhelmed?   

We are individuals and don’t all fit the same style of clothes.  Wouldn't it be so much easier if all shops sizes and cuts were the same!   

Being well dressed doesn’t mean spending a fortune.  Being well dressed means complementing your body shape, colouring and matching your personality.   

By considering your body shape, colour palette, personality and budget I will advise you on how to go about selecting the correct clothes and accessories to flatter you, which in turn will boost confidence.  

Prior to your consultation, I will require you to fill in a client questionnaire form so I can tailor our shop to suit your needs.  

During a personal shop we will -  

  • Determine your body shape and I will provide advice on what styles flatter your shape.
  • Learn what colours suit your skin tone best.
  • Learn how to pick accessories to help make an outfit WOW.
  • Provide advice on what will complement your current wardrobe.
  • Provide photographs of you in your new outfits.
  • Provide advice on fashion and trends.
  • A summary from your personal shop for you to refer back to.

Personal Styling from £130

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Body Shape and Colour Analysis

  • Full Colour Analysis to determine your WOW colours.
  • Body Shape analysis to discover your body shape and what style of clothes flatter your shape.
  • Advise in creating a capsule wardrobe.

Body Shape and Colour Analysis £65 including colour fan.

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Style Parties

Fancy a night in with your girlfriends?  

A Style Party is a fun way to spend time with your fashion focused friends.  

I will provide you with a style presentation on one of the following topics.  You and your friends just need to decide what one to choose!

  • The basics of colour and body shape.
  • How to create a Capsule Wardrobe.
  • Seasonal trends and how to wear them.

Your friends will also have the opportunity to bring along 3 items of clothing they might not be sure how to wear.  I will provide feedback to each guest so everyone can learn.

Style Parties - £15 per head 

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Male Styling

Don’t have time to shop?  Or maybe you don’t enjoy shopping?

Whether you are looking for a new work suit, outfits for the weekend or a complete new look - I can help!  

During the shopping trip I will: 

  • Select items for you based on your brief making sure the shopping trip stays as relaxed as possible. 
  • Provide advice what shops are suited to you.
  • Explain what colours complement your skin tone.
  • Demonstrate how to mix and match creating lots of different outfit options.

Price £130 - 3 hours

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E-Styling is a perfect option for those who are not able to travel, or for those of you who don’t like to shop.  

We will start with a call where I will gather all the necessary information required to meet your requirements  

I will create a personalised style report, which will include my recommendations along with links to buy within the agreed budget.

Prices from £50.

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Gift Vouchers

Why not gift that someone special  a styling experience.

You can purchase any of my services in full or an amount towards any of the services I provide.

All gift vouchers will be beautifully wrapped, so that the gift is extra special.



"Diane managed to capture my style and choose pieces for me that complemented my body shape. She was bold with colour choices and encouraged me to step out my comfort zone."

Lorraine Connolly

"I booked a wardrobe edit with Diane when I was in a complete style rut.  It was a great session, like having one of your friends over for a catch up.  Diane helped me look at my wardrobe and discussed what was and wasn't working. She helped me see how I can wear the clothes I have and make different pieces work together. Since my wardrobe edit I have had a totally different outlook when shopping, knowing what colours and styles work and having the confidence to start stepping out my comfort zone, and the best thing about it all; I've had lots of lovely compliments!"  

Dorthe Davidson

"Diane came to my house for a colour and body shape analysis. Oh my word what an eye opener! Like many others I mainly wore black, white and grey clothes with only a few splashes of colour. Turns out I should wear colour!  It has been lots of fun introducing a bit more colour into my wardrobe.  

I already knew my body shape and on the day of our session I was wearing 'what not to wear'! I am getting used to wearing shorter colourful tops and tucking them in!

Diane is a star, she came to my house and made me feel at ease straight away - I really enjoyed the session!"

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